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From health to climate change solutions inspiring and supporting the next generation of scientists, engineers, innovators and technologists is crucial to the future. CREST Star Investigators is an innovative primary level curriculum enrichment scheme, supporting children's skills, interest and excitement in science and related topics. Centred around creative problem solving in real life, from making and testing your own toothpaste to designing the most float-able boat, CREST Star Investigators supports teachers and young people and brings the excitement of science to life.

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Launched in 2007, CREST Star Investigators is a new, UK-wide award scheme that enables children aged 5-13 to explore scientific problems through practical investigations linked to relevant life experiences. Whether a child is particularly gifted in science or struggles to grasp basic concepts, CREST Star Investigators activities are designed to be flexibly applied to help young people fulfil their potential by promoting the development of transferable, investigative skills. Usually run as after school science clubs, the BA provides training and resource support to club deliverers in schools and the scheme also accredits a range of other trips, excursions and science related school activity. An independent impact assessment has been conducted and will shortly be released externally, confirming the benefits of the scheme; improving transferable skills, stimulating interest in science related subjects, improving practical and investigative skills. Findings show that young people with a wide spread of abilities are successfully benefiting from the activities, 900 schools are signed up and around 40,000 children will take part in 2008. Significant funding has been provided by GlaxoSmithKline to enable the pilot, resource development and launch and three year grants from charitable trusts are strengthening provision of the scheme in key areas. Particularly strong is the involvement of schools in disadvantaged areas, where extra-curricular activity is key in supporting formal education in often very diverse class settings. The BA is seeking support to further establish the scheme nationwide, boosting the educational achievement and skills of young people in primary schools in addition to supporting teachers, society and industry in the long-term. Income secured for 2009 - £83,000. Direct expenditure : £210,000