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To supply brain tumour patients and their families with a brain box - a box which contains every thing they need to take charge of their situation so that they feel more in control.

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The day you are diagnosed with a brain tumour you feel lost, isolated, frightened. brainstrust changes this by providing each patient and their family with a brain box. This box contains everything the patient needs so that they can: - seek the right treatment from the right neurosurgical centre - worldwide - ask the right questions about their condition, diagnosis and prognosis - know how to continue on their journey, feeling safe and secure and not alone. Patients wil be much more knowledgeable and will be able to make informed decisions about their treatment so that they can look the tiger in the eye. Costs work out to about £300 per box. This includes current reading matter, a voucher for a consultation for a second opinion within the week (£250) dietary information and relaxation treatments and further contact details. 17 people are diagnosed every day with a brain tumour.