Breaking the cycle of preventable mental health

SignHealth Psychological Therapy - training counsellors specialised in British Sign Language (BSL) to give deaf people the support they need to help break the cycle of more severe mental health situations.

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The consequence of social and linguistic deprivation in childhood, is mental health problems later in life. Deaf people are much more likely to be diagnosed with depression anxiety, personality disorder or as having behavioural, adjustment or attachment problems.


SignHealth provides a specialist BSL counselling service - the only one of its kind in the UK. However, with only 24 BSL-fluent therapists, we currently don't have the capacity to reach even half the number of Deaf people in the UK who need therapy. We are therefore training 20 Deaf students throughout the UK to become counsellors for Deaf people. Once qualified, they will be able to join our current counselling team, however we urgently need to raise funds in order to complete this training.