Enabling Deaf people to live in hearing community

Sign Outreach - supporting people with complex needs to live in the community.

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It is not well recognised that profoundly deaf people often have little or no speech and many find it difficult to read or write, since it is an unheard foreign language. many people who are born profoundly deaf grown up in a family where no-one signs to them. Most deaf children leave school with few educational qualifications, and an average reading age of only eight years. They may have learning difficulties and acute dependence on others after years of little or no meaningful communication.


Very specialist support is needed to enable these people to achieve any degree of quality of life and outreach is a vital part of life. Importantly, all our outreach workers are either Deaf or fluent BSL signers. This means they are able to form a proper relationship with their clients, and are able to understand what support is needed. Our clients prefer having someone who can sign - which is far easier than having an outreach worker and an interpreter.