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Spot Meningitis Symptoms: Life saving information by SMS.

Mobile phones are one of the most effective ways to communicate and engage with the youth of today. Teenagers and young adults are also one of the groups most vulnerable to meningitis and septicaemia. Meningitis Research Foundation is now distributing vital symptoms information via SMS to make sure no time is lost in diagnosing the disease. For diseases which can kill in hours, time is critical. Spot Meningitis Symptoms and you could save a life.

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It ran from 12:01 PM, 7 May 2015 to 12:02 PM, 7 May 2015

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Meningitis Research Foundation promotes education and awareness of the diseases to reduce death and disability. These diseases are often difficult to initially diagnose due to the flu like symptoms. Someone with meningitis and septicaemia can become seriously ill very quickly and the diseases can kill in hours. Therefore, it is vital to spot the signs and symptoms of the diseases early and seek medical attention immediately. Babies, children and young people are most at risk, but anyone can get meningitis and septicaemia. The diseases can be hard to recognise at first. Symptoms can appear in any order and not everyone will get all the symptoms. These diseases remain a major killer in the UK, affecting nine new people everyday, of whom one will die and two more will suffer life-altering after-effects, such as brain damage, deafness and multiple amputations. Meningitis Research Foundation therefore makes available symptoms information in a variety of forms for young parents, teenagers, students and other ‘at risk’ groups. This literature is considered “incredibly useful” by nurses, GPs and carers of young children. We send out free mailings every year to: Universities: 110,000 Meningitis Research Foundation wallplanners sent annually to 740 universities around the UK, providing life-saving symptoms information and contact details for MRF support to first year students. Result: Foundation member Christine Henry felt unwell whilst putting up an MRF poster at college. She used the literature to diagnose her symptoms and seek medical attention which she believes probably saved her life. GPs: ‘Diagnosis and treatment in general practice’ leaflet for GPs sent annually to over 9,000 surgeries in the UK, providing up-to date information on symptoms and diagnosis. Result: Feedback from GP mailing evaluation: “The information is clear and concise. Best literature which has come into the practice so far with regard to meningitis.” The public: ‘B Aware’ symptoms information packs available to the public through the Foundation’s FREEfone 24 hour helpline offering accessible symptoms information for anyone with concerns about the diseases. Result: Foundation appeared on GMTV in September 2007, which resulted in over 4,000 helpline calls requesting ‘B Aware’ symptoms information packs. Our new SMS Campaign is another way to make this information available as widely as possible, specifically targeting young parents and teenagers with the information when they need it most. Your support for the Spot Meningitis Symptoms Campaign will enable us to effectively reach out to a wider audience.