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We will be utilising digital media, specifically internet radio, FM broadcast (28-day licenses), and a website, to unite young people empowering them to express their voice and thoughts, share their creative talent, and provide a forum showcasing their positive impact on the community. It will also provide an ideal platform to generate debate and facilitate a real and positive change in how young people are portrayed by the media and the general public.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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YMCA Digital has been piloting smaller, but similar, projects throughout multiple communities of young people. The concept of an interactive youth web-based digital media and expressive arts site was created through youth involvement in project evaluations and steering groups. Young people, looking to express their talent and art, and looking address the negative community image that has been developing through mainstream media, developed the idea of a youth-lead social enterprise. This was then developed to a youth-managed, progressive internet and FM radio station; an artistic website that facilitates other young people to share their views, music, and art; and a studio that allows them to access state-of-the-art equipment with an experienced youth worker to offer support. It is also recognised (through many of the pilot projects) that this is an ideal project, designed by the young people themselves to attract and provide accreditation to their marginalised and excluded peers. Young people who have already participated in the pilot projects will be invited to engage in evening provisions and be part of the programme’s steering committee. Participation is through group work, steering and developing the project as it progresses, and is youth led and managed with the support of qualified youth workers. This project is also engaging young people excluded from education and/or in an entry to employment programme. The project will offer these young people the opportunity to participate in the day time provision which will be an optional part of their course work leading to further accreditation. They too will be managing the programme and have ownership and be part of the programme’s steering group. Young people will be involved in managing finances, project outlines, funding requirements and returns, programme content, and the actual radio production. The YMCA Digital Project has three main outcomes: • Disadvantaged ‘NEET’ young people will develop media production skills of a high quality that will potentially take them on into further education or potential work experience. • A positive image of the young people in Nottingham will be portrayed through the internet radio station as they express their opinion, to address the negative stereotyping of young people (as perceived by the media and community) and help improve communication and inclusivity within their local community. • Reconnecting young people from social-exclusion and immersing them in mainstream society in an inclusive programme that fosters understanding and conversation between them and their peers. Costs: Salaries: £22,000 Venue Hire: £4,800 Marketing/promotional work: £850 Equipment costs (Laptops, software, peripherals): £3,100 Outsourced services (Graphic design, external tutors): £6,200 Overheads (IT & HR support, internet costs) £5,740 Duplication/Distribution £1000 Transport costs & expenses for young people £1000 For further information, please contact me, and I would be only too pleased to send you a DVD (prepared and edited by our young people) showcasing some of our work.