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We are looking for additional financial support to develop our young people programme. We are a voluntary organisation delivering services for people affected by substance misuse. Unfortunately we have recently lost the contract to a large national organisation to deliver this work to adults. We do however have a recognised and respected young people team still in operation in Huntingdonshire. The focus of our young people work has changed in recent years. It is now focussed on treatment. We are commissioned to deliver drug treatment for young people and funding has moved away from education of young people around all issues relating to substance misuse. We feel this should be a priority for funders and believe that if we are able to influence todays young people they will be able to make informed choices about their future. We plan to do this by continuing and expanding our programme within secondary schools in our locality. We are based within Huntingdonshire but have a close working partnership with another organisation based in Wisbech, Fenland. This funding can support the work we do over a wide area. We also work closely with the PSHE service in our area to deliver sessions in mainsteam school. In addition to this we will be able to continue to target Pupil referral units where those most at risk of substance misuse are usually placed. We will be able to work with the new provider for adult services in targeting children of substance misusing parents. This is a real area for development and we can do this by working closely with key organisations such as the youth Offending Service and Social Services. If successful this funding will primarily be for salary costs and materials. I would like to apply for one years funding from yourselves. The reason for this is that young people services will potentially go out to tender next year 09/10 and this funding will provide security over this transition period for 08/09.