Enfield Clubhouse

Building for the Future

We want to be able to secure a new lease at our current premises for at least the next three years.

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We have been at our current and only premises just short of five years. The building is a converted residential semi-detached house in a "nice" part of Winchmore Hill. It means a lot to our members, most of whom live in less salubrious accommodation in the rougher parts of Edmonton, Enfield and the surrounding areas. The building is a safe haven for some of the most disadvantaged members of our community to come to, to feel part of something, to belong and take ownership of as they begin to rebuild their confidence and trus in themselves and the world. It acts as a container for people's occasional bad days - a place where people feel supported when they are mentally unwell so that they don't have to go to hospital - and a foundation on which they can creatively build on their many good days. Most of our members are now actively involved in community work (paid and unpaid), education and social activities. They use the Clubhouse as a base, a meeting point, an internet cafe, a place to share their experiences with their peers. We are like a big family helping each other to grow and develop as adults. We need at least £25,000 per year to pay the rent on our building and over the next three years we intend to develop our successful catering service and other trading enterprises to bring in other income. Last year we raised over £7,000 ourselves through trading and fundraising activities.