Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) provides young people with the skills and awareness to make a difference to their communities and gives them a hands-on experience of philanthropy. Supporting YPI gives donors the opportunity to simultaneously support grassroots charities and the citizenship and enterprise education of secondary school pupils.

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Pupils participating in YPI work in small groups to research their local community and identify the grassroots social service charity they believe is best placed to make a positive contribution. They then learn how to analyse the charity’s management, budget, strategy and staffing arrangements and visit and build relations with their chosen charity. They are also trained in advocacy and public speaking, which they use to make presentations on their proposed charity. The group judged to have made the best presentation in each school is granted £3,000 to award to their charity. Through YPI pupils develop important employability skills; local charities benefit financially and from a raised profile and; society benefits from young people who have developed the giving habit at a young age. We are currently running a 10 school pilot of YPI in London and feedback from pupils, teachers and charities has so far been very positive. £750,000 would allow us to expand YPI into 120 schools in England in the next three years and enable approximately 50,000 pupils to take part in the programme as well as providing £3000 YPI grants to 235 local social service charities.