Side By Side (Children) Limited

Reach for the Sky

Reach for the Sky is an all encompassing program of after school and extracurricular activities (with a strong emphasis on health/fitness and integration with the public) targeting Side By Side's awesomely unique student body

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1135723)







1) School leavers with SEN struggle to find their place in the world after leaving the safe confines of their specialist setting. 2) Many, if not most children with special needs face multiple challenges when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. Food aversions, the side effects of medications, and mobility limitations make these children even more susceptible to being overweight or obese than other children.


Reach for the Sky aims to alleviate both of the above problems with one amazing program. By providing our users with hugely increased opportunities for interaction with the world at large utilising 'get fit and healthy' mediums, children and young adults with SEN will have the chance to get fit