The Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF)

Reducing isolation within the LGB community

The aim of the project is to provide services to reduce the feelings of isolation within the LGB community. This can be for older LGB people who are statistically less likely to have children or live with a significant other but also for younger LBG people moving home for work or after a break-up.

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3 in 5 LGB people are not confident that support services would be able to understand their needs. 1 in 4 older LGB people have experienced discrimination, hostility or poor treatment from service providers due to their sexual orientation. This can be due to not having the same support networks in place as heterosexual people such as children or living with a significant other.


We will develop & run a befriending scheme in the North West to enable older LGB people to have regular contact with someone who they can chat about their worries & a person who will assist them if they experience negative attitudes or hostility from others. This will include trips out & about & support to attend social groups they may not have the confidence to attend alone. For the younger end this would be someone to attend social events and visit pubs/clubs for introduction to a new crowd