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Washing Hands Saves Lives

In Ghana, diarrhoea accounts for 25% of all deaths in children under five. Hand washing is the most cost effective way to prevent kids dying unnecessarily. We want to build toilets and teach African kids to wash their hands, this is proven to be the best way to reduce unnecessarily deaths.

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Diarrhoeal disease remains one of the world's biggest killers, with UNICEF estimating it kills a child every 30 seconds. In Ghana, diarrhoea accounts for 25 percent of all deaths in children under five and is among the top three reported causes of deaths. Having spent 6 years supporting communities in poverty we have found the biggest impact in saving the lives of children and reducing pain and suffering amongst families does not simply come from providing the toilets and wells.


During 2012-16 we will target 5,600 children, aged 6-13 with the facilities, resources and education to ingrain the washing of hands following toilet use. Children are strategically being targeted to provide the greatest impact as not only do they suffer disproportionally from diarrhoeal diseases, it has been proven that once children change their behaviour, 80 percent are then likely to pass their learning to their own children.