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RAPt Recovery Support

To provide services to men and women after they have completed the RAPt intensive drug & alcohol rehabilitation programme either in prison or in the community. The aim is to help them make a successful resettlement following release and build a drug and crime free life and a more positive future.

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Completing a RAPt programme is the beginning of a journey; many challenges need to be overcome if people are to maintain their recovery. The prison population as a whole is drawn from highly disadvantaged groups and levels of unemployment and homelessness prior to imprisonment is high. Half of all prisoners lose contact with their families. Leaving prison with no-where to go and no family or friends make our clients vulnerable to relapse – and the cycle begins again.


By providing aftercare services to graduates of the RAPt programme, prior to and following release. Research - our own and external - indicates that aftercare support is crucial to reduce high rates of re-offending. The Reducing Re-offending Action Plan (HO,2004) identified ‘pathways’ which must be addressed if crime is to be reduced. Support to find accommodation, training, employment, financial advice were all among factors considered vital. These are all woven into RAPt’s Aftercare Service.