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Nepal Earthquake Disaster Appeal

6 months after Nepal's devastating earthquake, hundreds of remote rural communities are still struggling to access their most basic needs. As the harsh Himalayan winter sets in, Pragya needs your support to work with the poorest and most vulnerable families in rebuilding their lives.

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It ran from 10:16 PM, 28 April 2015 to 7:37 PM, 13 June 2016

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Although the international media has turned its focus elsewhere, the effect of April's earthquake on Nepal’s poorest communities has the potential to be equally as devastating as the original event. As winter sets in, disadvantaged families in dozens of remote rural villages still lack shelter and clean water. The destruction of land and livestock means that many now have no way to earn a living. Dozens of schools remain closed, and women and girls are more vulnerable than ever to abuse.


Pragya has played a crucial role in bringing emergency relief to the most isolated, impoverished families in rural Nepal following the earthquake. Building on our close links with these marginalised communities, we are now working to build permanent accommodation, improve access to safe water, re-open primary schools and protect vulnerable women from the threat of gender-based violence, particularly trafficking.