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Doubling clinical trials for cancer patients

To create the world's largest clinical trials unit for early phase cancer trials at the Christie to speed up the development of new cancer drugs from laboratory research to the patient bedside and so give more cancer patients the opportunity to access innovative cancer drugs through clinical trials.

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It ran from 10:09 AM, 21 March 2011 to 2:38 PM, 9 June 2015

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As one of the UK’s Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (The ECMS Network) we want to speed up the development of new cancer treatments to bridge the gap between treatments that look promising in the lab and when they can be given to patients. To increase clinical trial activity at The Christie, we need a new Clinical Trials Unit to provide 1st class care for trials patients and especially for those taking part in ‘first into man’ phase 1 trials who need to be closely monitored overnight.


The first stage of our new trials facility was completed in 2010 and is the World’s largest early phase clinical trials unit (CTU). The next phase involves re-modelling an existing ward to create an in-patient suite with 6 single rooms. A dedicated in-patient ward is crucial to the level of phase I research we can undertake in future and is essential for complex and innovative trials such as gene and cell where patients need to be closely monitored but isolated from general wards therapy.