Interpreting our World

Interpreting our World will enable the general public to experience, engage with and learn from the natural environment through participatory and creative educational resources and field trails.

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We aim to bring a lively, experiential approach to what otherwise could be quite difficult and dry sustainability issues. The project will include accessible information alongside sculptures, cartoons, illustrations and games. These resources will be available to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and will be devised and implemented with the assistance of a range of volunteers. This will include one particular group of adults with learning disabilities who, working with a tutor, will advise on ideas, accessibility and content. There will be: 1. A field trail ( approx 4 miles) for all ages and abilities ( with new easy to use kissing gates) through the beautiful local countryside with a trail leaflet and locally made natural sculptures to enhance the route. 2. The fascinating history of Bore Place will be an invaluable learning tool about eco systems, organic farming and sustainability. 3. A Bore Place Tour around the farm, the sensory, amenity and organic vegetable gardens and grounds, will allow visitors to learn about the day to day running of an organic farm. The total cost of this is approximately £25,000.