Centre for Sustainable Energy

Home energy advice visits for vulnerable people

CSE is working with vulnerable people in Bristol to help them meet their needs for energy and affordable warmth. Home visits are a very effective way to provide practical advice to vulnerable people - including the elderly and families with young children - to save money and keep warm.

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Many vulnerable people, e.g. older people, are facing difficult choices about whether to heat their homes, ration their food, or fall into debt. This is caused by rising fuel prices, low incomes, abysmally low standards of a home's energy efficiency, and lack of confidence and understanding in this area. This results in misery, ill health and premature death in thousands of households across our region: Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset, N. Somerset, S. Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire & Dorset.


CSE will help vulnerable households reduce their energy bills, stay debt free, and identify and resolve issues causing their homes to be cold and unsafe, though visits in to vulnerable people's homes providing: • Help and advice on insulation, heating and draft proofing • Guidance on heating systems • Issues with damp and condensation • Understanding fuel bills • Help switching energy suppliers and fuel tariffs to keep bills affordable • Fuel debt advice • Help access grants and schemes