Solihull Action through Advocacy

Volunteer and Peer Advocacy

The project will address the inequalities that people with learning disabilities face by empowering, supporting and training them in self advocacy and equipping volunteers to effectively support the peers to have their voices heard and influence on a local, regional or national level.

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The project addresses the extreme inequities that people with learning disabilities face. People with learning disabilities have a shorter life expectancy and increased risk of early death and the prevalence of psychiatric disorders is 36% among children with learning disabilities, compared to 8% among children without learning disabilities. This project is about enabling people with learning disabilities to make interventions with decision makers and communities to address societal imbalances.


Our Peers will be supported by volunteers to identify local issues that affect and matter to people with learning disabilities and work to address them. Our peers are experienced with identifying and tackling disability discrimination and working with groups and organisations to share experiences around living with learning disability, equal rights and what can be done to improve quality of life. The project will get the voices of disenfranchised people across solihull heard by the right people.