Oska Bright Mobile Cinema

To tour the UK in 2012 in a bespoke double decker bus showing learning disabled film to people with learning disabilities who are isolated through poverty, lack of transport or support.

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The Oska Bright Mobile Cinema will take short films from the Oska Bright Film Festival made by learning disabled people around the UK as a celebration of their lives and achievements and in support of the Cultural Olympiad. The bus will ensure a high profile for the cinema and the work of learning disabled film makers. Objectives •To make it possible for learning disabled film makers to show their films. •Develop new audiences, taking the festival to people who would not normally be able to visit cinemas. •To screen short films made by people with a learning disability for audiences of people with a learning disability who have limited access to traditional venues. •To ensure the mobile cinema reaches people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. •To screen a range of short films that are inspirational and relevant to the community of people with a learning disability. •To encourage more people with a learning disability to make films about things that are important to them. •To ensure that the mobile cinema has a high profile in the Olympic year and promotes the work of people with a learning disability. Outcomes •We will deliver a minimum of 320 screenings of Oska Bright films across the UK •We estimate, based on our research, that we will have 15,600 audience members •We will work in partnership with 24 Local Authorities and Voluntary Organisations to deliver screening events •We will partner at least 120 arts organisations and leisure activity clubs to develop and maximise audience attendance at Oska Bright Mobile Cinema events Routemaster bus £178,000 Audio Visual Equipment £10,000 Seats £2,500 Staff costs and co-ordination £190,000