Project Officers for our work in Nepal

We need to employ 2 project officers for our project work in Nepal. The appointment of these two staff members is vital to the maintenance and expansion of our work with deaf children and adults in Nepal – some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

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We have been working very successfully with deaf children and adults in Nepal since 2000. In that time, through our strong partnerships with local Deaf organisations,the number of projects that we have there has expanded dramatically . In all of the work that we do in Nepal our aim is for deaf children and adults to have the same opportunities in life as hearing people. As far as possible, we also employ deaf people themselves as project staff on all of our projects. In the six years we have worked in Nepal our chief executive, David Hynes, has visited (and will continue to visit) twice each year to monitor the development and progress of all of our projects. He also provides advice and support to our partner Deaf organisations in relation to the development of new project proposals and the management of existing ones. However, as the number of projects expands it is becoming increasingly difficult for David to undertake all of the work needed in relation to all of the projects, in the time available. Two local Nepalese project officers, based in Kathmandu but travelling to all of our projects across the country, would make a huge difference to our ability to support and monitor existing projects and to our ability to develop desperately needed new ones. One of the project officers would be Deaf him/herself and would have particular responsibility for providing training and support to committee members of our partner Deaf organisations and to Deaf staff employed on our projects – the other project officer would be hearing and, in addition to sharing much of the work in relation to support, monitoring and development of Deafway projects with his/her colleague, would also act as Nepali Sign Language interpreter for the Deaf project officer in meetings with hearing people. In addition to providing support and advice and to making announced monitoring visits, the two project officers will also be able to make unannounced visits to our projects to ensure they are running smoothly and to collect life-stories and photographs of deaf children and adults benefiting from our projects. Such stories and photographs are invaluable as they enable us to personalise and demonstrate the positive life-changing impact this work is having on so many deaf people. The appointment of these two staff members is vital to the maintenance and expansion of our work with deaf children and adults in Nepal – some of the most vulnerable people in the world. These two staff members will also be key in developing the confidence and skills of the deaf committee members of our partner Deaf organisation in managing existing projects and in developing proposals for new ones. With your support for these posts, our work in Nepal can continue to expand and, as a result, hundreds more deaf children and adults will have access to the things which hearing people take for granted: - language, education, a peer group and hope for the future. Project Costs: Yr1 - 23,044* more expensive due to the set up costs for the office. Yr2 - 14,891 Yr3 - 15,338 Yr4 - 15,798 Yr5 - 16,270