Standing Together Against Domestic Violence

Making Families Safer

Domestic violence is probably the most widespread social ill facing our society. Standing Together can literally change the nation’s approach and response to this awful issue but we need the funding to achieve that objective.

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It ran from 4:40 PM, 19 November 2008 to 9:16 AM, 26 January 2011


Registered Charity in England and Wales (1088844)

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We want to grow into a national organisation that promotes and delivers the coordinated community response – “the answer to domestic violence” We have the expertise, integrity, experience and motivation to do that but lack the scale or funding. We are doing it on a local basis but now is the time to expand. We are a recommendation of New Philanthropy Capital who believe we deliver on our promises and are a successful charity dealing with domestic violence. We need £100K to deliver two things. Firstly consultancy to a multiplicity of partnerships around the country to build the momentum. Secondly we want to create a domestic violence coordinators network which will help to grow, develop and embed this life saving and life changing approach. We will happily open ourselves to any examination so please contact us to build a new culture of family safety in the UK.