The Marston Vale Trust

Shocott Spring Community Woodland

This project will see the planting of 23 thousand trees creating the final phase of a 52 hectare community woodland, as part of the creation of the Forest of Marston Vale. The project will deliver social and environmental benefits to the local communities far into the future.

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The neighbouring communities of Shortstown and Cotton End, to the south of Bedford were identified as a key target area for new community woodland due to a shortage of green spaces available for leisure and little access into the countryside surrounding them. Shortstown is also soon to see its population double with the building of 1200 new houses putting more pressure on existing green areas. Planting began in 2005 with the two communities involved in the woods design, naming and planting, with about 740 people participating in tree planting days over the last 3 years. The Trust is now looking to complete Shocott Spring Woodland with the planting of the final 13 hectares, delivering the following benefits. • an increase of land available for leisure and health pursuits which is available and accessible to all, throughout the year • an increase in the knowledge of biodiversity issues within the local community • in the long term a source of firewood and ultimately a local timber supply • local air quality will be improved by the project, through the ability of growing trees to filter out atmospheric pollutants • increased public access, will encourage local communities to walk within their local countryside during their leisure time, potentially reducing car journeys and the resulting emissions The 2 year costs for the creation of the final phase of Shocott Spring will be in the region of £130,000