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Benefits advice for people living with cancer

Cancer is an expensive disease to have. In the shock of a cancer diagnosis, concerns over money can soon become a major anxiety for individuals and families. Maggie's Centres are a safe and accessible place for people to go with expert Benefits Advisers available to help.

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A diagnosis of cancer can have profound social and economic effects, leaving not just individuals but whole families vulnerable to rising costs and loss of income. The welfare benefits system is complex, and can be incredibly difficult for people to navigate, particularly those undergoing cancer treatment. The availability and accessibility of benefits advice is essential to ensure people living with cancer, many of whom are elderly and disabled, are able to secure benefits and grants.


Our expert Welfare Benefits Advisers are able to ensure that people affected by cancer access the full range of entitlements to benefits and grants, as well as supporting them with other welfare rights issues. Our Benefits Advisers will not just give advice but will actively help people to fill in complex forms, navigate the complexities of the welfare benefits available and challenge decisions where appropriate. We secured over £16m in benefit entitlements and financial support in 2011.