Music Therapy at MHA

MHA is committed to funding a music therapy service which can be accessed FREE OF CHARGE by the 2000 residents in its 50 Dementia Care homes. Provided annual funding of £250,000 can be found, MHA also aims to provide its residential and nursing care homes with this service.

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Many people with dementia experience extreme isolation due to a loss of language skills. Music Therapy can help to break down this isolation as it provides opportunities for non-verbal communication and interaction. The sense of participation, coordination, choice making and short term memory skills, which can all be developed through music therapy, can help to relieve anxiety and distress and improve emotional well being.


MHA is establishing a team of full time music therapists, rather than hiring external therapists for casual session, so that group and individual sessions can be provided in a cost effective way. This will also enable us to integrate the therapy into each individual's overall care plan, as the therapists will be able to work closely with the rest of the care team.