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A Screening Centre for Breast and Cervical Cancer

To establish a screening centre for breast and cervical cancer in Mushin, Lagos and continue to grow in all local governent of Nigeria

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Executive Summary Operations ETHNIC VOICE UK is a group of individuals who have lived and worked in the United Kingdom for over 20years with in the areas of Housing, Social Services, Health Care Services, Training, Counselling and tackled Social exclusion. Due its successful implementation of various projects in Western Nigeria, ETHNIC VOICE UK plans to develop and implement a community based service for the many displaced and underprivileged families and minority ethnic groups emigrating from North and Central Nigeria by reaching out to these communities and giving them an opportunity to establish themselves within their existing communities. ETHNIC VOICE UK intends to develop its operations to customers and service users aimed at specific demographic ethnic groups. To date, ETHNIC VOICE UK has targeted and surveyed the Living Standard Measures (LSM) of children, women and community groups in Mushin Lagos Nigeria, by approaching individuals and requesting they complete a questionnaire, In the long-term, it intend to widen its operation and services to the whole of Nigeria and its surroundings. ETHNIC VOICE UK will attract the targeted audience through a new one-stop shop, and off-the page advertising in community magazine and government owned media stations. In the future, ETHNIC VOICE UK will attract more government and media support including support of Local Chiefs by the outcome of its projects in villages and clan settlements. This will generate not only client awareness but also opportunities to generate revenues through better funding and fund arising events. The Organisation, operations commenced in July 2004 and projects have taken place in Lagos Nigeria, such as the provision of water and better toilet facilities to boys and girls in a community school in Lagos Nigeria, the provision of electric generator to primary schools Epe Lagos, provision of writing materials to schools in Ogun and Lagos, this represent a significant step forward. Local business and individual philanthropist supported these projects. The organisation thus release that to achieve it aims of eradicating child poverty by the year 2016 or even come closer to making an impact it has to seek funding from multi-national organisations and charities. Our mission is to enable absolutely under privileged to achieve major improvements in their lifestyles, education, health, training and understanding, which will enable them to live a live without ongoing support from ETHNIC VOICE UK. To this end we will work with the poor themselves and with local and international partners who share our vision to create just and peaceful societies where the under privileged can exercise their fundamental rights. To achieve our mission the organisation is working in partnership with a number of organisations in Nigeria in order to improve the well being of its citizens one of such organisations is the Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Cancer Society which as over the years lacked the support it needs to provide much needed cancer screening for vulnerable and less privilege citizens of the state. Ethnic Voice is therefore seeking funding from funders in Europe to establish a more robust way of cancer screening in the area by establishing a screening centre in each local government area of the state. It has chosen Mushin Local Government of Lagos State to start its program after studying the area by sampling both men and women in the streets of Mushin. Mushin is a suburb of Lagos located in Lagos State, Nigeria, and is one of Nigeria's 774 Local Government Areas. It is located 10 km north of the Lagos city core, adjacent to the main road to Ikeja, and is a largely a congested residential area with inadequate sanitation and low-quality housing. The majority of the local residents are market traders, factory workers and manual workers, unemployment is high amongst women living in the area and they are generally housewives and petty traders. The area is noted for a number of industries notably the Aswani Textiles in Isolo, Ojuwoye Market etc. Daleko Market — This market is the largest market for Rice, beans, and groundnut oil in Africa has more than 40 warehouses for storing rice, beans and other food products Mushin Local Government is home to many great company: Nestle Nigeria Plc, Sosaplast, Records Labels, Elubo Grammar School, Mushin is also the home of Lagos University Teaching Hospital popularly known as LUTH. Mushin Local Government, occupies a land mass of 140 square kilometres with an estimated population of 1,026,449. Mushin is one of the most impoverished overcrowded and deprived areas of Lagos state. It is common to find poor health and nutrition, particularly among the women and children. It is served by a newly established General hospital and some primary health centres; there is no established cancer screening population. A high percentage of the adult women are illiterate traders who sell in the market daily to make a living. Young girls and teenagers are also involved with street trading those exposing them to early sexual abuse and risk of contacting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The Project The Project is to establish a screening centre for breast and cervical screening in Mushin Local Government Area, Reduce cancer incidence in women in Mushin local government through primary prevention, cancer screening and early detection Project Overview Cervical and breast cancer are the commonest malignancies affecting females who are the financial backbone of most families in Lagos, Nigeria. Financially handicapped people hence having little access to qualitative health care largely populate Mushin local government. There is no organized breast and cervical cancer screening program and the available screening using mammography and cervical cytology is expensive and out of reach of most women. Reduction in the morbidity and mortality from cancers is possible through life style modification and early detection. This study which is a pilot study, and is hoped will be a model for other screening programs in the state, is aimed at reducing the morbidity from breast and cervical cancers through education about prevention and early detection as well as providing alternatives to screening through the use of professional breast examination and use of visual inspection with acetic acid / iodine in the detection of early cancers and pre cancers of the cervix. Project Goals The overall goal of the project is reduce the incidence of advanced cases of breast and cervical cancer through the interventions stated below. 1. Increase the knowledge and attitude of the women in Mushin local government on primary prevention of cancers through Health education and awareness 2. Train health care providers in the use of Breast examinations and VIA. 3. To screen for the two common cancers in women which are those of the breast and cervix cancer. 4. To establish a cancer screening program that is free, and accessible, as well as a regional cancer centre for Mushin local government. 5. Establish a routine of testing amongst residents and keep a data basis record of when screening was last done 6. To instil in communities a sense of harmonious and socially integrated living, thus contributing, on a local level, to the global need for a cleaner, healthier and more peaceful planet, environment and future. Rationale Breast and cervical cancer, the two most common cancers in Lagos, are largely preventable thorough interventions such as life style modification, and early detection using, breast examinations, VIA and cervical cytology. With the increasing prevalence of HIV-AIDS and its association with cervical cancer, an increase in the number of cases its expected. There is no organized cancer screening program people Mushin and its surrounding and it is extremely difficult for most of its unemployed residents to travel or pay for screening and treatment outside the area it has therefore become imperative that a centre is established, well equipped and funded through time in kind given by doctors and professors of the university teaching hospital, Idi-Ara , Mushin Lagos, government funding for primary health care, fund raising activities and charging employed residents and non residents visiting the centre a minimal charge for services provided. Project Activities and Timeline (Activities that will be performed in order to accomplish the project objectives) What (Task description) When Who Community Entry: Visiting and establishing a relationship with the community leaders and local government officials March 2009 Members of the NCS LSC Training of care providers in the use of VIA and breast examinations April 1st and 2nd weeks. Dr. Banjo, Dr Anorlu Dr Abdul Kareem, Anunobi and Dr Odeyemi Awareness campaign through rallies, public lectures, and distribution of leaflets in Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. April 3rd and 4th weeks. LSC NCS Launching of the screening centre 1st week in May LSC NSC Screening of women May 2009 –April 2010 Care givers supervised by Drs. Banjo/ Anorlu/ Abdul Kareem, and Anunobi. Writing of report May – June2010 Dr. Banjo Submitting of report 30th of June 2010 Dr. Banjo. Anticipated Outcomes • Increased awareness about breast and cervical cancer in women in MLG. • Increased awareness about screening and early detection for breast and cervical cancer amongst women in MLG. • Provision of a cheap and sustainable breast and cervical cancer-screening programme for MLG • Decrease in morbidity and mortality from cervical cancer Facilities and Capital Expenditure Departments of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Community Health of the College of Medicine University of Lagos will assist with the training of the care providers; provide cyto-screeners and colposcopy for the patients with abnormalities on VIA and cytology. It will also provide facilities for the management of diagnosed breast and cervical cancer cases. The Organisation is currently using the study of one of its trustee’s home but intends to move into a rented accommodation in the centre of Lagos, this accommodation will enable the Organisation to provide an office space for volunteers who will enter personal data of patients, send out reminders to participants and keep accurate records, carryout studies and site surveys of participants needs. The office will be well equipped with modern equipments and information technology such as computers, Internet access and screening equipment. Implementation The Organisation has already out projects in Lagos Nigeria and its expansion will depend upon funding secured; progress against the recruitment programme and negotiation with third parties- the latter particularly effects the development of the advertising and campaign drive. Expected Benefits: The disadvantaged in our communities will have an equal opportunity to live longer with up to date medical check ups at low cost, receive basic medical training about their health and be aware of medical deficiency in their immediate environment. The state governments will have more educated and socially conscious women within its communities which will help reduce morbidity and mortality from cervical cancer and breast cancer.. Budgets: The costing for this project will cost the organisation an estimated sum of N1, 788,390.00 (£9935.50). This will enable the organisation to take a giant step towards its aim of supporting local and federal governments in its will to decrease morbidity and mortality from cancer. ETHNIC VOICE UK is working with other support agencies and organisations that are signed up to achieving the millennium goal to raise the necessary funds for it projects. It has also enlisted a number of medical experts to give their time in supporting the millennium goal in Nigeria. The table below shows the breakdown of cost and funding required to make this project a reality. Items Breakdown of Cost Cost Administration Three coordinators- coordinates all activities at the screening centre, collates all data, responsible for recall and follow up of all patients £1700.00 Equipments 1. Autoclave 2. Aspiration gun 3. Stainless steel speculum x20 4. Angle poise Lamp 5. Examination couch x2 6. Laptops x2 These equipments are necessary to carry out a safe vaginal procedure, sterilization, suction and other health procedures. The laptops will enable coordinators keep accurate records of patients £1900.00 Materials A number of surgical materials and administrative materials such as disposable needles, syringes alcohol wipes cervical brushes spatulas frosted end slides acetic acid, iodine, disposable couch and writing materials £1600.00 Transportation The project aims to identify and provide transport for volunteer locums and vulnerable resident such as elderly and disabled people, Trustee travel from England. £2400.00 Others Television adverts, leaflets posters, stewards, interpreters, training audiovisual aids, volunteers and refreshment mainly bottled water. £2335.50 Total £9935.50 Source of Money Awarded/Applied for Amount Funding Required Applied for £4735.50 Professional training Two trainers time in kind provided £2345.00 Transport and Travel cost Donated by trustees of Ethnic Voice UK £1690.00 Administration Cost Time in Kind provided by volunteers coordinators £1165.00 Total £9935.50 Monitoring and Evaluation The organisation as set a up its targets to reach 500 local government areas by the year 2016, it aims to do this by completing yearly project in different local government area, it essential to set reasonable and achievable targets for its task force, it will thus employ project managers for each of its different projects and set up a quarterly review of all its project, analysing the key target objectives and ensuring that necessary and adequate measures are put in place to cover short falls at each review. This review will be carried out by the board of trustees and appointed directors who will pass the information to the project workforce. The organisation will set up community forums in different communities to evaluate and make contributions to the development of there communities this will enable the organisation to project its targets and objects to essential community needs and ensure that the needs of the community are met rather than the needs of a chosen few. Track Record The organisation in the last two years have worked with local government in Lagos State of Nigeria to improve community Schools this it did by providing much needed writing materials, building of toilet facilities improvement of lighting in classrooms, installation of windows to particular schools in Ajegunle area of Lagos Nigeria, to prevent rain from going into the school. The organisation has also provided a borehole water system to Orphanages in Lagos and Ogun States of Nigeria; it provided a generator plant for the provision of electricity to an orphanage in Lagos State. It has worked tirelessly with other agencies in Nigeria to better the living life styles of communities, and have a network of volunteers in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. Conclusion ETHNIC VOICE UK will consider itself privileged to hold a Comic Relief licence for Nigeria, it will give millions of Nigerians the chance to participate in the most notable way of community fun and involvement such as Red Nose Day, Sports Relief and other activities that would make communities appreciate one another. It will also help other communities around the world to understand the need of African communities and promote different cultural backgrounds around the world.