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Biodiversity is essential for global food security and the health of our planet. But in just 100 years we have lost 75% of the genetic diversity of our food crops. The Heritage Seed Library conserves heirloom varieties and enables schools, communities and individuals to get involved in growing them.

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Increasing reliance on just a few crop varieties means plant genetic diversity is being destroyed. Traditional crop varieties are being lost, along with their unique history and heritage. Across the UK, people are increasingly out of touch with where food comes from, and have limited knowledge of how to grow their own crops and how to save and maintain seed.


The Heritage Seed Library (HSL) is a living library of over 800 endangered vegetables, safeguarded from extinction. We encourage public awareness and engagement through providing heritage seeds for members to grow and share. We also lobby for legislative change at the national and European level. We aim to extend the HSL collection, improve the learning aspects interpretation and get more people involved in growing HSL crops.