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The Growing Together Project

We run the Growing Together Project, a local food growing enterprise providing opportunities for all sections of the local community, particularly those at a social disadvantage or with a disability, to learn horticultural skills and grow their own produce; interact socially and be part of a team.

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We offer training and volunteering placements, enabling people with learning and physical disabilities, and socially excluded people to undertake accredited training courses in horticultural activities. Although we have traditionally offered training in areas such as furniture repair and warehousing, we wanted to meet the unmet need in the local area for activities in an outdoor setting. We are seeking funding for seeds, compost, tools and associated materials for our new growing season.


The Project has been accessed by 220 of our volunteers, people from 25 other local organisations and local residents, enabling all sections of the community, disabled and non-disabled, young and old, to work alongside each other. The project provides our volunteers with a wide range of new experiences, a sense of achievement and increased self-confidence, and a view to entering employment where possible, as well as providing fresh, locally grown food to the local community