InnerSense - Multisensory workshop programme

InnerSense is an arts & disability charity (no. 1119305) based in Crowthorne, Berkshire. We work with people who have great difficulty communicating; many have autism, Down's syndrome, mental health problems and physical disability. They are people who often find it difficult to become involved in the arts, so InnerSense helps them to participate by providing exciting multisensory workshops which celebrate and develop the amazing creativity of even the most profoundly disabled members of our community.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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Each week our artist team design and build theatrical workshop environments filled with texture, sound, colour, light, instruments, props and costumes, based around a theme designed to inspire the creative talents of people with disabilities. Previous themes include; Ice Thaw, Industrial Revolution, Woodland Train, The Wild West and Rainstorm. A team of actors, dancers and musicians facilitate each session; sensitively and expertly encouraging participants to create music and drama. We have seen individuals with profound disabilities gain self confidence as they discover new artistic skills. People with challenging behaviour appear more relaxed and learn to use art as a coping strategy. And young people such as six year old Leo have overcome speech difficulties to create his own stories inspired by our theatrical workshop themes. Multisensory ideas and advice will be published on our website, to encourage teachers, parents and support workers to provide creative activities for people who may not be able to access our workshops in person. What long term differences will InnerSense achieve for people They will have the opportunity to participate, explore and develop new talents in the arts. People with communication difficulties can share what matters to them through song, dance, drama or visual arts raising expectations about what is possible and desirable. Discovering new skills can improve confidence. People with challenging behaviour appear more relaxed and can learn to use art as a coping strategy. The workshops help to develop creativity imagination and positive responsible risk-taking; valuable tools for solving problems and changing situations. Our website will provide resources, arts & disability ideas and support to clients, carers, teachers and parents. Carers have opportunities to learn more about their clients’ creative potential thus improving relationships and inspiring their own artistic projects. As a result of our workshops, support workers, teachers and parents have been inspired to use our techniques in schools and care centres, artists have shared and learnt new arts & disability skills, and we have developed relationships with our clients encouraging artistic growth, exploring new ways of communication and celebrating their diverse personalities and talents. Providing these life changing services costs around £150,000 a year. We rely on donors such as yourself to help us raise this and ensure our participants receive the very best resources and support.