Kilmartin Museum

Kilmartin Museum Redevelopment Project

The Redevelopment Project will transform Kilmartin Museum, providing new visitor facilities, new interpretive learning, participatory experiences, fit for purpose accessible collections storage and innovative ways to experience the area’s heritage.

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Registered Charity in Scotland (SC022744)

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Since opening in 1997, Kilmartin Museum has developed to the extent that our buildings are now no longer fit for purpose. This is inhibiting our growth, and, if not solved, will prevent us from continuing our work.


The solution to these challenges is an ambitious plan to transform the Museum with a new extension. Our aim is to significantly develop our work and create an inspiring place where we can care for, celebrate, and tell the story of Kilmartin Glen’s unique archaeological and natural heritage. The project will encourage many more people of all ages to understand and appreciate its global significance, and will secure the long term future of Kilmartin Museum.