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To provide courses that the community want rather than what the statutory organisations think that the people want. To provide courses designed to enrich the lives of the people rather than complete the "tick boxes" that are currently supplied.

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Over the next year we will hold computer courses that have been asked for by the community. These courses designed specifically for the community, their requirements, levels of expertise and individual as well as collective priorities will enable the learners to develop their computer skills. This will encourage more people to learn and grow as a result of knowing that the course they are attending is not a waste of time. Comments made by a number of learners regarding computer courses that are pushing them towards literacy and numeracy, to satisfy the providers “tick boxes”, show that they do not wish to attend unless they are actually learning something, which is of benefit to them. “I can already read and write, and have been able to for over sixty years” said by a man who left the course because the tutor insisted on the group carrying out basic literacy and numeracy when they were expecting to be learning how to use the computer to send emails, write letters, search the Web etc. We will provide tutors who will teach the skills that the people want, in a way that suits them, not only benefiting the learners but also providing the necessary encouragement to others to also learn and grow in knowledge and confidence while also not being restricted by the, at present problem of, “term times”. Having attended the basic courses the learners will progress further, their thirst for knowledge will enable them to gain either qualifications and or experience, which will help towards further knowledge. They can either continue with their learning as part of a group and/or move forward through the many learndirect courses that we are able to offer.