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Opportunities 4 people with learning disabilities

We provide meaningful activities for people with learning disabilities and/or special needs to enable them to achieve their full potential. Through a choice of environments our personalised service is delivered through social enterprises enabling individuals to connect with the local community.

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People with learning disabilities can lack confidence, self-esteem and a sense of purpose in life. Individuals may not have the option to work or socialise possibly becoming isolated from the community. On leaving formal education they may not continue in their learning limiting opportunity for further personal development.


We help people achieve their full potential and an improved quality of life. Involvement in social enterprises helps them contribute to society where they gain a sense of self-worth. Through meaningful occupation we promote a culture of independence, give people a feeling of being valued and belonging. Individuals may take nationally accredited qualifications enabling them to develop core skills and by offering creative and fun activities we help people to engage socially and meet new friends.