The PSP Association

Local support groups for PSP patients and carers

Local support groups help people with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy to break out of the isolation that often occurs when living with a terminal disease, and provide the best possible support and advice to enable them to cope with the day to day reality of their illness.

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People with PSP often become increasingly isolated as the demands of the disease and the burden of care take over their lives. The situation is made worse by the frequent lack of understanding of their condition among those to whom they turn for support, such as local health and social care departments. They often feel that they are completely alone in an increasingly difficult and distressing situation.


Support groups provide social contact with people who understand the problems of PSP because they are living through it themselves. Patients are reassured that they no longer have to face PSP alone, and can benefit from advice on how to manage their condition and obtain the health and social care services they need.