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Transforminjg Lives Appeal

To create the first National Centre of Excellence to support any family with a profoundly disabled child who needs the highly specialised help Seashell provides. The centre will transform the lives and communication skills of children and young people with the most complex needs from across the UK.

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The number of profoundly disabled children being born each year in the UK is growing and intervention at the earliest opportunity is absolutely key to their future prospects in life. The outlook for those children, whose needs cannot be met with specialist care, is bleak. Many spend their lives lonely, with little meaningful human interaction, often leading to a future in which they are heavily sedated in institutional accommodation in order to protect themselves and those around them.


With profound and multiple disabilities, getting assessed as early as possible is crucial. Our assessment and early intervention service will enable us to recognise and respond to the needs of babies and children with the most severe and complex disabilities as soon as possible, making children more likely to reach their full potential and less likely to require full time care away from home.