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Tackling the Triple Crunch

This is a proposal for urgent funding to use the current crisis in the global financial system to make concrete, mainstream proposals for a new economic order that puts people and planet first – to get them seriously considered by policy-makers and opinion-formers in the UK, and to start making the shift to sustainable economics. nef (new economics foundation) has an unparalleled track record in communicating complicated new ideas to a wide audience – across the political divide. The window of opportunity for radical change is not going to be open for long. We are asking for the resources to translate this into major change, including: • Extra capacity in communications, policy and advocacy to use the financial crisis to build support for a new economics. • A series of reports, pamphlets and other tools to meet the expectations and demands on nef to articulate a new way forward. • An international conference or festival bringing together the key people around the world who are actually putting a new economics into action. The key objective is to shift understanding of new economics from being an alternative approach, outside the mainstream, to one that provides a vision of a future that is already emerging, and to which governments have to respond.

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It ran from 10:42 AM, 13 March 2009 to 10:42 AM, 13 March 2009

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The world is at a unique moment where serious change is suddenly possible. There is a brief window when we can build support for holistic solutions to the financial crisis that will also deliver greater well-being and greater social justice within environmental limits. The most urgent requirement is the resources to respond to unfolding events as they happen, and to make optimum use of this window where change is possible. nef (the new economics foundation) is looking for funding which will enable us deliver a holistic and timely response to the ‘triple crunch’ the world is facing: of economic instability; energy insecurity; and the urgent need for an effective global response to climate change. nef’s distinctive role is to lead thinking around new economics, to catalyse debate and discussion and to provide visions of what the future could look like, as well as thoroughly researched proposals on how to get to there from here. The change to sustainability is already happening, we need to put in motion the series of events and initiatives that will change it further, locally and nationally. The project includes: • Organising a major international event in London in autumn 2009 which can catalyse the forces of change and shift the tone of wider economic and social debate. • Producing a set of incisive, accessible pamphlets which will draw on our work, including our practical projects on creating sustainable communities, which include: - Setting out a new role for the post office as a ‘people’s bank’ - Proposing a rebuilt local lending network for the UK - Setting out key principles for economics in international development - What the government can do to make sure that the social economy and monetary economy benefit each other - Making the links between the economy, climate change and social justice and how to address all three at once. • Coalition building to move these issues onto the agenda of government, business and opinion-formers. • Building a rapid response ‘triple crunch’ communications team, to make the case for a new economics as the crisis unravels. The team will: - React quickly to breaking news stories. - Co-ordinate a coherent response that draws on the expertise and research that nef has available. - Develop and deliver a strategy for lobbying and dissemination of our policy thinking.