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The economic system we have today is failing. It's time to take a long, hard look at the unsustainable institutions and ideas that got us into this mess. At nef, we have a vision of how the economy could work better for both people and the environment and we can show the steps that we need to take to get there. But we need your help now to get our message across to more people than ever before.

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Even in boom times there was trouble lurking beneath the surface. The need to keep growing the economy and increase consumer spending was driving runaway climate change and endangering ecosystems, failing the world’s poorest and doing little to promote the well-being of the majority. nef is an independent think-and-do-tank. We have a vision of how the economy could work better for both people and the environment. No other organisation is working to create the fundamental shift in ideas and institutions needed to create an economic system that is fit for purpose: one whose primary focus is on people and the environment. We need your help now. The economic turmoil, paradoxically, has provided a window of opportunity for change, with a new openness to our ideas. But we are urgently in need of the resources to enable us to make the most of this opportunity. We need funding for: • A series of focused advocacy campaigns aimed at policy makers, which would push forward elements of our vision for a new economy. The aim here would be to change Government policy in a number of critical areas; • A major step up in our overall capacity to reach out to the public via the press and media; • An overhaul of our ailing website to enable us to match the increased demand for nef’s ideas and research. We've all been conditioned to accept that there is no realistic alternative to the economic system we have today: as if it were some kind of natural phenomenon that we have to live with. But it doesn’t have to be this way and it can be changed for the better. Economic efficiency shouldn’t take priority over people and the environment. We could all be a lot happier than we are and it shouldn’t have to cost the earth. nef is a relatively small organisation and urgently needs your help. Please help us to share our vision more widely, while we have the chance. Budget for this project Communications: time spent on rapid response media work and coalition building £23,000 Dedicated policy staff for specific advocacy campaigns £12,000 Website upgrade £15,000 Total expenditure £50,000