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Give the gift of a sustainable future this Christmas

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  • Poverty Alleviation/ReliefPoverty Alleviation/Relief


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The world is standing at a cross roads. Down one road lies business as usual. Economic orthodoxy wins the battle and we head into a future of global warming, repeated financial crises and further ecosystems collapse. But there is another road which holds a different kind of future – one where the economy is geared towards increasing well-being, decreasing inequality and protecting the environment. nef (the new economics foundation) is working towards this better future. But it’s going to take a Great Transition to get us there. The Just Bond is a way for you to be part of this Great Transition. All the proceeds of the Just Bond will help nef to build a more just and sustainable economy. nef is an independent think-and-do tank working for economics as if people and planet mattered. We’ve been working towards this new kind of economy for over 20 years. We’re launching the Just Bond to help us make a giant leap towards making it a reality. The Just Bond will never make you rich. It gives no financial benefits whatsoever. It cannot be redeemed (you can’t get your money back) and as with all charitable donations, it doesn’t pay out interest. But give the gift of a Just Bond this Christmas and you’ll be helping to create a better future for everyone. And that’s something you can’t put a price on. To find out more email us at or visit our website