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Transport Costs to over 70 shows in 2010.

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We would like help with the cost of transporting our 5 x 40' trailers containing electric scooters for use by the elderly, disabled and mobility impaired to shows and events all over the UK. This is one of the biggest expenditure of our small but well receive charity. We own the trailers but have to pay a transport firm to take where we want them to go and this is one of our biggest overheads. We give a lot of pleasure to a lot of people with impaired mobility for whatever reason and the cost of transporting our goodwill is forever increasing. In 2010 the cost will be £34,629, a huge amount for a small charity to find. We are, in a way, victims of our success in that the more shows that we attend the higher the transport costs. From initially attending 8 shows in 1998 we are now servicing over 70 in 2010 and expect to do more in 2011.