Newent Association for the Disabled

Activity Hall

A purpose built room[s] where physically disabled and/or older people can enjoy a variety of activities of their choice, including short mat bowls, wheelchair exercises, boules, art, crafts, pottery etc. The Hall can either be used as one big room or can be easily sectioned off into smaller areas.

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We already run a very popular Centre, with in excess of 30 Users per day, and therefore space to offer a variety of activities at the same time is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Users wish to be able to choose from a wide range of things to do and as space is at a premium it is not currently possible to have more than two activities going on at any one time. Storage for the equipment is also a huge problem at present as we want to offer a variety of activities for all age groups.


The new Hall would alleviate the space problem as it would be purpose built and therefore no space would be wasted- the Hall could be used as one large room or partitioned to allow for many different activities. There would also be storage facilities so that all types of activity from the least to the most strenuous could be offered to the User. We could also hire the Hall out on evenings and weekends and this would give us an income to help us to run both the Centre and the new Hall facilities.