The Global Games Room

We aim to create a user area within our website to enable disabled gamers in the UK and all over the world to access and play eye control and one-button games. We will start with simple games and increase complexity as the project develops.

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SpecialEffect has spent the past ten years adapting hardware and software to enable disabled people in the UK to enjoy the fun and inclusion of video games, create art and music and even communicate. The Global Games Room will enable people in the UK and all over the world to access a range of games and play against each other online. That means, for instance, Nathan in London who has been paralysed by a high spinal injury can play against an opponent in another part of the world


Many disabled people around the world are prevented from living a life beyond disability because they are unable to access leisure activities with the limited movement available to them. Working with developers here in the UK, we aim to adapt games to make them accessible even to the most disabled people. The games will be eye and one button control and completely free of charge. So anyone, regardless of their disability and where they are in the world, can play and have fun with others.