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Make the Link – Climate exChange

Linking 36,000 young people from the UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Senegal, Kenya & Malawi to learn about climate change, share their own opinions and experiences and become empowered to take positive action.

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Make the Link - Climate exChange is a three year development education project part funded by the EU. It aims to develop and deliver quality climate change education directly to 36,000 young people and indirectly to 330,000 in order to increase awareness of climate change issues and empower young people to adapt their lifestyles to mitigate against climate change as well as educate and empower others. The young people involved will learn about the linkages between climate change, international development and political decision and supports the roll out of EU’s Climate Package ratified in 2008. Through an interactive linking website the young people involved form across the 5 countries will have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and influence others. This is a unique chance to be involved in and support a project that will have such a wide impact across the UK and internationally and reach out to over 350,000 young people. The EU have provided a grant of €1,320,000 (£1,165,988) towards this ambitious project and we need to raise a further €68,130 (£60,180) over 3 years to support the implementation of the project in the UK including the development of education resources, a handbook for MEP’s and young people and active citizenship residential events for 30 young people.