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A film about cleft lip and palate:how to ease the first few hours

An educational film to inform and educate parents and health professionals about the best information and the best way of communicating this information, at the time of the diagnosis of a baby with a cleft lip, whether this be at birth or antenatal scan. Misinformation or poor communication at this stage can have a long lasting harmful effect on the affected child and its parents

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A diagnosis of a visible facial difference in a baby at birth or on an antenatal scan can be distressing event for parents and health professionals alike. We aim to produce an educational audiovisual resource in 2 versions - one for health professional and one for parents. We wish to include aspects of best practice in communicating bad news in a positive way, illustrate the care pathway of a child with a cleft lip and include footage of surgical correction of the cleft. Where possible the presentation will include more general aspects of helping a child with any visible facial difference and their family.