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Emergency Vehicles for Kenya

Out of Afrika has sourced more used fire engines from the UK to help equip the charity's ICT Fire and Disaster project in Kenya.Out of Afrika aim is to ensure that the country has the capacity to deal with a disaster response which continue to threaten the lives and property of many Kenyans.

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In the recent past, Kenya has suffered various deadly disasters that have claimed lives of many Kenyans among them the 1998 US Embassy Nairobi bomb blast, the 2008 post-election violence, Sachangwan fuel tanker fire, Sinai slum fire and many others though not much has been done to improve the nature of disaster preparedness and management. These disasters have had a big toll on many lives.


In an effort to provide appropriate emergency response and training in life threatening situations the charity has set up a training centre to train, educate and raise awareness about disasters, health and safety in order to reduce the suffering caused and minimise the risks associated with these man made and natural disasters. The charity currently has 8 fire engines in Kenya working with other organisations like fire aid (UK) fire aid and has created employment for 40 people in Kenya.