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Equine Assisted Pyschotherapy

Mercy Ministries UK uses Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to compliment Professional Counselling residents receive whilst on the Mercy Ministries programme. We would like support to help with the upkeep of the stables, care of the horses used and maintain staff qualifications in this field.

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Mercy Ministries UK have found Equine Assisted Pyschotherapy to be a very useful and powerful tool whilst counselling the vulnerable young women that attend the residential programme. The horses frequently accelerate a young women's progress, often breaking down barriers of communication and trust much faster than more traditional counselling methods on their own. Mercy Ministries UK currently stable and care for two amazing horses, Danny and Charlie, who themselves have come from broken backgrounds and are now perfectly equipped to help the girls in their recovery process. 5k would allow MMUK to ensure that stables are kept to a high standard, feed, hay and straw are in ample supply for our hardworking horses. It would also allow Mercy Ministries UK to ensure that the appropriate counselling staff are trained to the highest level helping us achieve one of our core objectives of excellence in every area of our organisation.