Kent Ethnic and Refugee Action Network

'Reach for the Sky'

We propose a proactive project aimed at empowering young disadvantaged and isolated ethnic minority youth to integrate successfully within communities in Kent.

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  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)



The problem of community cohesion and the associated issue of alientated and disadvantaged young people in Kent is widely acknowledged. Accordingly, The project wil entail meaningful and enjoyable activities focused around the development of lifeskills, enhancing employment skills, enabling the development of networking skills of young people, ESOL (where appropriate), encouraging young ethnic minority people to volunteer; and organising and facilitating one-to-one mentoring and befriending for isolated young people. The Project will ensure active involvement of ethnic minority young people in determining their own priorities and decision making and aim to provide them with ownership of the project under KRAN supervision. The project staff will identify potential employers and establish collaborative partnerships with employers enabling referrals for employment and apprenticeships. The requested funding will provide for a team of two dedicated full time youth workers and a manager, plus office and activity costs. In addition to organising the delivery of the above services the team will build up and train a team of volunteers to provide mentoring and befriending to the young people and who will be ready to give daily one-to-one support and advice. KRAN has the experience to establish the project quickly. In one year, over two areas (Margate and ashford) we project that we will: * Provide integration guidance and assistance to 300 young people * Arrange proactive community cohesion activies between indigenous young people and 300-400 young people. *Provide mentoring/befriending for 100 young people (based on evidential data). *Establish meaningful relationships with 30 employers and facilitate 50-70 employment offers to young people. *Arrange and facilitate ESOL for 35-60 young people. * Organise lifeskills training for 300-350 young people. *Arrange enjoyable cultural activies for 4 major and 8 smaller events for 200 young people.