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SWANIRMAN - Graham Bell Project India

SWANIRMAN A Project Proposal for training and awareness of deaf children and their parents to empower them to take decision for themselves.

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Due to the invisibility of the problem, deafness is mostly misunderstood and the deaf children are generally neglected in the community. To address this issue we have decided to work on early identification & intervention, home based management, inclusive education, parents empowerment and community awareness on deafness in Pandua block. The project will be only one of its kind in the district of Hooghly. The summary of the project will be as follows : A survey will be conducted in the block to identify the pre-lingual deaf children / person of the block. A KAP study will be made in the block to understand the knowledge, attitude and practice of the community including the parents and the families, regarding deafness. The project shall emphasis on early identification and early intervention by involving the ICDS-workers and ANM-workers of the block. The parents of pre-school deaf children will be adequately trained to enable them to support their deaf children at home for preparing them for inclusion. Educational inclusion is another thrust area of this project. Teachers of primary schools and secondary schools as well as parents of deaf children (of 6 – 10 and 11 to 16 years) will be trained adequately successful educational inclusion of pre-lingual deaf children in local general schools. Empowering parents i.e Panchayet level parents group formation, leadership training and preparing network of panchayet level parent’s groups to form the block level federation of parents is another major work of the project. Community awareness on identification, management and DO s & DON’T s with deaf children will also be taken care of.