Age Cymru Sir Gar

Heat or Eat!

Preventing and addressing poverty felt by older people.

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The problem we are trying to prevent is that of older people going into health decline because of poor income. Poor income means that older people often reduce food consumption - and in the winter heating and warm clothing - in order to pay bills such as water rates, council tax, bedroom tax, just to keep a roof over their heads. They often can't improve income by changing home because of a lack of suitable housing stock. They nearly always live alone without family support.


Our project will be proactive by going into the community to reach groups of older people and hard to reach older people via talks, links with other organisations and referrals from statutory services. Volunteers will visit with vulnerable older people to provide holistic ongoing support for an unspecific length of time. Support will include income maximisation, access to energy grants and advice, access to social inclusion and advice on healthy eating and wellbeing.