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Disability Network Hounslow provides relief for people with disabilities by striving to create a more inclusive environment for all disabled people and improving service users lives by helping them gain independence, freedom of choice and opportunities for full participation in the community: opportunities that their able bodied peers take for granted. DNH alleviates poverty and suffering by providing information, advice and advocacy to access rights; work; education; services; housing and benefits. ‘At 30%, the poverty rate among those aged 25 to retirement who are disabled is twice the rate for those who are not disabled. This ‘excess’ poverty risk for disabled people is larger than it was a decade ago.' – Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2007 – Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the New Policy Institute.

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The recession means DNH is faced with responding to change; decreased available funding; increased costs and a rising demand for services, from service users increasingly under financial pressure themselves. Faced with these changes we are implementing a strategy for sustainability & surviving the recession in a cost effective, innovative way: including home working, supported by an administration hub employing a mix of paid P/T staff and trained volunteers working in the community, with wireless connectivity & online, secure, databases of files, forms and information; shared office space; tendering for public services and partnership working. Our staff and volunteers will be contactable by phone/email, fax/minicom, or at drop-in sessions, by appointment and on home visits. Providing information, advice, advocacy and help and support with form filling and bureaucracy, on a 1-2-1 basis, followed up as necessary by advocacy at meetings on a range of matters: from benefits to housing; education; employment; health and wellbeing or access to services, volunteering opportunities and leisure activities. The service will also organise social outings for our members and provide a monthly newsletter, translation and interpreter facilities and information leaflets and fact-sheets on a range of topics and offer training for other agencies, whilst continuing to ensure disability is kept as a high priority item for service providers. Around 2,000 people with disabilities will benefit per year, plus their network of family, friends, carers and acquaintances, as well as many others through the service providers and other charities and organisations who access our services for information and sign posting. The project will also create approximately 40 new volunteering opportunities for the local community, colleges and businesses. Additionally our staff and volunteers will also benefit through the training and experience they receive in relation to disability and other related issues. To enable us to implement the project, concentrate on service provision and work towards future sustainability we are looking for 3- 5 year funding for the project including: Staff Salaries; Volunteer Recruitment; Travel, Training and Expenses (for project staff, up to 40 volunteers and service users); IT Support, Laptops, Mobiles, Utilities, Online Database, On the go wireless broadband connection; Translation/Stationery/Misc: Printing, Copying and Postage, Translation & Interpretation Services, Materials, Venue Hire; Contribution to Core Costs: e.g. Management, Supervision, Fundraising, Insurance, Memberships & Subscriptions @12%; Contribution to Trustee Costs, Meetings, Recruitment, Subscriptions & Training @1%; Contribution - Contingency Fund (Redundancy & Disaster Recovery) @2% Total Funding Needed: Yr 1 £68,974 Yr 2 £65,990 Yr 3 £67,522 Yr 4 £68,217 Yr 5 £69,924