The Elizabeth Foundation

Education for young deaf children

We would like to continue our gold star educational services, providing young deaf children in the UK with an oral education which teaches them to listen, talk and be socially inclusive. Our results speak for themselves - quite literally - with 28 years of experience and success in supporting deaf children and their families, we understand the needs of our beneficiaries and give value for money to our generous supporters - can you become one?

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The Elizabeth Foundation has four key educational programmes which enable even profoundly deaf children to learn to listen and talk. Through the aid of specialist hearing aid equipment and cochlear implants , and our truly amazing teachers of the deaf we are able to change lives; supporting isolated, frightened and silent deaf children to become happy, listening talking and socially inclusive children, ready to learn alongside their hearing peers. Our services include 1. Early intervention from birth 2. Nursery and pre school classes 3. One to one intensive speech and language development 4. A unique home learning programme which reaches out to every community. We want to invite grants and donations towards the annual revenue costs of these programmes. Ultimately we need to secure funding of £625,000 each year. Please give us your support and help a deaf child to listen and talk today