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Housing solutions

Funding for housing projects enabling people with a learning disability to live in the home of their choice.

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Many people with a learning disability cannot live as they wish due to a shortage of homes with appropriate adaptions to meet their needs. We want to work with partners, social or private landlords, to suitably equip housing so that there is somewhere that people with additional needs can live. This will improve housing stock for landlords in the future. People with a learning disability are proven to be good long term tenants which in turn is good for landlords.


We need money to be able to buy &convert housing to meet the needs of learning disabled people and particularly those with complex needs. We will work in partnership with landlords and developers to equip the housing, especially during new build and refurbishment to provide the housing stock needed. We will not be the landlord, but will be able to provide other paid support for the people. they can change to other providers in the future without it affecting where they live.