The Butterfly Tree

The Butterfly Tree's HIV/AIDS awareness

The Butterfly Tree's aim is to supply schools throughout Zambia with footballs, net balls and basketball to promote HIV/AIDS awareness. Each ball will be made from durable material complete with an HIV/AIDS logo. Through sport we can help to curb the pandemic.

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It ran from 7:41 PM, 24 July 2011 to 7:41 PM, 24 July 2011

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1118084)

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The project is trying to make more young people aware of the dangers of HIV/AIDS through sport. In Zambia one is six adults are HIV positive and the longevity is 36 years.There are 710,000 orphans. Sport is a socialble pastime and can be used to influence school children.


The project will give more schools the opportunity to play ball games. The charity will work with the pupils, making them aware of the dangers of HIV/AIDS, encourage them to come forward for voluntary testing of HIV, help them to remove the stigma and offer support for those who are HIV positive.